How to trigger based on another rule firing

I am trying to migrate a set of rules from legacy RM to the new RM. The reason is because the new RM seems to handle calculation with time stamps across day boundaries without breaking.

One of the rules has a trigger when another rule fires. I cant remember how I set it up and I cant seem to find anything like that in the new RM. Also, I cant seem to edit the legacy trigger so can't see how it was set up. See attached screen shot. Its almost as though this type of trigger was removed from both legacy and new RM.

What am I missing? Im sure it must be just me as I cant find anything about this in the forum. How to I set up a trigger based on another script triggering?

Can you post both legacy rules? What event is the trigger in the second rule?

Here is the one being triggered.

Here is the one that is supposed to activate the triggering:

Description: After the well runs dry, there is <10min delay (say 5min) before it tries again. While it is waiting I have an LED which toggles on and off. If it delays more than 10 min then we assume the tank is full and the fill cycle has stopped. The LED will then be turned off.

Anyway the thing has worked perfectly for 3 years except for the fact that the first run time calculation gets mangled if it crossed over midnight. Which is why I am changing it.

Looking at this now I realize that there would be other ways to achieve this. I wrote it when I was very new to this platform and was just figuring out RM. However the ability to trigger on another scripts initiation seems like it would be useful and any case. I just cant seem to replicate it.

In the Pump Switch Toggle initiate rule, you could add an action to run the actions of the Pump Switch Toggle off rule. Here's an example of one of my rules that runs the actions of another rule.

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The easiest way to do this is to have your first rule flip a virtual switch to on and have the second rule trigger based on the switch turning on. You could have the virtual switch auto turn off or have the second rule turn it off.

Thanks for the suggestions. Ya there are probably a dozen other ways to do it. Virtual switch or variable setting was what I was leaning towards. Although restructuring to use the pause rule function is also a good idea.

However it is puzzling how the "trigger on rule firing" just seems to have disappeared in both legacy and new RM. Was hoping to just copy the exact legacy code but I guess that is not possible.

I’m guessing your goal is to simple run the actions of another rule, correct?

If so, this is the action you use in your primary rule to do that.