How To Trigger A Rule

I'm thankful to have a whole home generator. And in the couple years that I've owned it I really haven't had to use it for extended periods of time. Well, last night the power went out for a couple hours while I was at work. So, as the whole neighborhood was without power and in the dark, I was the a**hole with all of my outside yard lights and accent lights lighting up my house.

What I would like to do is figure out a way to shed unnecessary load, especially turning outside lights off. If I could figure out a way for the generator to signal my hub (currently running HE C7 Version, I could probably figure out an easy if/then rule to turn the lights off.

Any ideas?

There are several sensors that will detect vibration and i have yet to meet a home generator that didn’t shimmy and shake when it turned on. So you could use the accelerometer on something like the aeotec multi sensor to detect the vibration as a trigger to shed load. They are quite sensitive so a second device to detect that the power is out would help prevent false positives would be a good idea.

I have a Kohler generator. It comes with the ability to connect it to your home network. I have it configured in Home Assistant, then use Home Assistant Device Bridge to get it into Hubitat.