How to test sonoff motion sensor?

Any tips on how to test the placement of Sonoff Motion Sensor? Is there some way to change it to testing mode? Or even if from Hubitat, can I reset its cooloff time, so that I can quickly place it around the wall and try to see what seems best position?

What I have done to test motion sensors was to add them to a dashboard, do the test while looking at its status on the dashboard and then move it around and repeat.

As far as I can see, the Sonoff doesn’t have a way to change the cool off time.

but wont it not trigger anything on the dashboard, due to the 1-2.5 min of cool off period during which I hear these sensors do not trigger motion again?

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Correct. It takes time to test…

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I tried to test motion sensors (induce a virtual) trigger to no avail. The only way to test the motion sensor was to go outside and then to the back of my house and walk in the area.
Testing a switch however only required a click on.
In hindsight, it may be a good thing that testing a virtual 'motion activation' does not work because there are a multitude of sensitivity settings and also a multitude of motion sensors.

While on the subject of motion sensors:
I have spent many years fighting them. The only motion sensors I use now, are AC line powered ones and my choice is "Homeseer floodlight sensor G2". I have 4 of them outside.