How to test if Z-Wave is working?

I had an incident yesterday where my Z-Wave radio was off, with no devices working.
It didn't throw a location event of zwaveCrashed, however.
It didn't throw any other warning, far as I could tell.

How can I test if Z-wave is working?
Without too much strain on the hub.


PS: I have a spare C-7 to play with.

Activate a switch or sensor?

Yeah, I'm not sure.

how many devices do you have? could just turn them all on/off and check your z-wave devices to see when the device last communicated to identify any devices off the mesh

Device Activity Check? That said, you're sure there wasn't anything in Hub Events? (Different from Location Events)

I use Device Activity Check. Most people (and myself) would use this app with a 24 hour interval just to make sure all devices are working. You could in theory setup a special group that checks every 10 minutes or something, with 1 device near the hub that will update its activity when refreshed (hint all my drivers do this). If that device does not respond you could assume there is a zwave issue. One refresh every 10+ minutes should not hurt too much.

Could probably make an RM rule for the same thing, if you can access last activity from RM.

I might have to check that out, although I'm trying to do as few apps as I can. There was nothing in Hub Events.

I had the Watchdog logging set for the Support folks. They said it helped with tracking down the post-Cloud backup issue.

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On a side note, because of another thread, I found that my Fibaro Smart Implant had stopped reporting temperatures a month ago!

On the one hand, this may be a case for Device Activity Check. On the other hand, it may be a case for ripping it out since I don't use it.

I've looked, and I can't find 'last activity' in RM.

Could I use syncStatus (from your ZEN plug driver)?
The rule below seems to work in a test.
What do you think?

Again, device activity check will do all this for you. You pick the devices you want to monitor and it will based on your settings look at those devices and notify you if they haven't checked in. Works for any device (though I only recommend battery devices because not all mains devices report in on a regular schedule. Like my water valve)

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I would not send configure commands constantly. That is going to fire off tons of zwave commands (two for every parameter). Refresh might trigger the sync status, although I may have fixed that so it does not anymore.

The easiest way would be as I said above with DAC and it will just refresh the device, which depending on the device (and driver) should be around 1-5 commands.

Otherwise make a custom app that does the same thing and uses the last activity.

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As noted (repeatedly) Device Activity choose the devices you want to monitor, how to monitor, how long to wait w/them not being active before getting a notification, and you can ask the app to send a "Refresh" command at the devices when it checks them for status.

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