How to start Hubitat Mobile App with favorite Dashboard

Hi all, hope you doing all great. Just wonder, did I missed a tip somewhere. Probably.

Hope anyone can help with these 2 simple questions:

Q1 Starting the Hubitat App, how can I get to load a pre-selected dashboard without every time select them manually?

Q2 Searching for a simple tile for an overview of the last events (time+date) per Sensor and Contact. Overview of the "Advanced dashboard device" looks great, but not usable on a Smartphone (see picture below).

Hubitat is running with latest version and is integrated with Konnected Alarm panel. Thanks in advanced.


Hi, Not 100% sure what your asking and I am not completely up this, but maybe worth a try. Create your new dashboard app, select all the devices required in the App with the check boxes...Now open your old dashboard, open up the settings, copy the JSON layout, Close your old dashboard. Open new dashboard you created earlier, open the settings, paste that JSON in the window. Should have a duplicate dashboard. Maybe not exactly what your asking?

For the second point, check out Device Watchdog App. It will report multiple devices in one tile and their last activity times, also battery strength.

Thanks for answering Chad, Nice trick you explained, but not on Q1. Let me try to explain my question: Starting the Hubitat App it starts with the Dashboard screen. I must select one of the Dashboard I created. My question is: can I select one that always start by default when opening the App?

Yeah, I have tried the Device Watchdog App one year back. I found it not very stable and complex. Have the Device Watchdog been improved?

On my phone, the dashboard that loads is the last dashboard that was open, if that helps. So if you want a certain dashboard to load when you open it, load it before you close it. That's the only way I know how. There is a dedicated 3rd party app that you may want to check out, but it is a complete separate app. Hubitat Dashboard - Android dashboard app.
I have had great results with Device Watchdog, its a little confusing to setup, but to be honest, mine has been running for at least 6 mths, with no issue. It's update when issue occur, I use the Hubitat package manager and updates come in automatically once your notified.

If you're using an Android phone it is very simple to create a shortcut to start your favorite dashboard.

  1. Open the Hubitat app and navigate to the chosen dashboard.
  2. Once your dashboard is open, click on the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen, and select "Open in Chrome".
  3. In the window that opens, click again on the three dots and click on Add a shortcut to home screen. I don't know if this are the exact words, I don't use Android in English, but I guess you will understand.

It's done: when you click on the created shortcut, your favorite dashboard will open directly.

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On iOS the process is similar. I selected the cloud endpoint for my dashboard shortcuts so I can view them from afar and saved the launch shortcut to my Home Screen.

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