How to speed up my ZSE18 reaction time?

Just got a ZSE18 and it currently takes 4-5 seconds to turn on the light in the room after I step in. This doesn't seem right at all. What should I look into? Some areas of question:

  • Placement: What is ideal placement for one of these? I have it on a shelf about halfway down one side of this approximately 12'x12' room at about a 7' height. It's facing the doors (it's a double door that opens into the room).
  • Driver: I'm using the built-in driver. Is there a better one?
  • Configuration: I can play with sensitivity settings. Are there any others to tweak?
  • Basic Rule: Is there a trick to the rules? I am using a basic rule. By the way, how does the Motion Cleared Delay interact with the rule option "Motion has stopped and stays stopped for x min/sec"?
  • Association: Can you set up a direct association? Is it advisable?
  • What else can I check? Logs, Signal strength, etc.

I have it plugged in, not on battery power.

From the Zse18 FAQ:

Is the ZSE18 as fast as the ZSE40 for detecting motion?

  • The ZSE40 has been optimized to work well for light automation so it detects motion immediately rather than waiting for 2 movements like most security sensors, including the ZSE18.
  • The ZSE40 also has a bigger lens which means that detection range is closer to 40 feet as opposed to 25 feet for the much smaller ZSE18. If speed is your main concern, we'd suggest going for the ZSE40.

Ah, so basically I bought the wrong one if I'm automating lights :frowning: . I bought it because it's plug-in (I have an aversion to battery-powered devices if I can help it). My Homeseer HSM200s are doing fine, but they can only go in certain places.

Hmm. The ZSE40 doesn't seem to be on their site or on Amazon...

I don't have any personal experience with Zooz motion sensors. You could contact them and ask for a recommendation based on whatever criteria you'd like satisfied.

I have a ZSE18 in a bathroom. It turns on my lights before I even take the second step into the room. Maybe 1-2 seconds at most. I have a ZSE40 in another bathroom. I do not really notice a difference between the two.

Also, I heard the ZSE40 was going to be discontinued which is unfortunate because it is the fastest one they have. The ZSE11 is terrible for lighting automations.