How to setup SmartTiles on Hubitat

I don’t know if this will work with Smarttiles but it works with actionTiles.

That works! Now I can link directly to spotify or google music. Oh this is a lot more fun when things work well. :smiley:

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I’m not doing something right because I am getting


* message: "Internal server error"


I have version 5.3.3 M

Hum…Was working fine until now. Same as cuboy29. ( “Message”: “Internal server error”).:frowning_face:

Try recopying the url generated by SmartTiles. I had that a few times when I was setting stuff up, the url changed on me.

Still working fine here. Not sure why you’re having that issue. Have you looked through the Live Logging when the error occurs?

I did set up ActionTiles recently using @krlaframboise Other Hub Integration. This works pretty well, even though it adds a hop through the AT site and SmartThings. Device status updates are actually much quicker than the old SmartTiles, since it doesn’t poll every 30 seconds. It appears to use event based updates.

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HA! I opened it this morning fine! No changes made. Thanks for the quick replies.:+1:

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started working for me too.

It’s possible one of the web based dependancies were down. There’s external resources for javascript, css, weather icons and fonts. You can check all these in the head() method in the app code. I have these hosted on local server to keep everything locally dependent.

ActionTiles is making some great UI changes and pushing event updates to the client is pretty awesome. Having access to the source for SmartTiles, I’ve made a lot of UI customizations and custom tiles so it’s hard to consider switching over once they have support for Hubitat. The polling interval hasn’t been an issue for me yet, but setting up a websockets server on a RPi is always an option if I run out of other stuff to work on :smiley:

Maybe we should approach ActionTiles creator and see if we can get his code for SmartTiles made available for inclusion with Hubitat. I’d pay for it to be opened for development again. I see the benefit of ActionTiles but I really like local hosted stuff now.


I think it’s a great idea. I don’t have high hopes for the ActionTiles team fully removing the distribution licensing restriction though, but possibly an option to allow it to be included as a compiled built in app. Even so, it goes against their individual location license business model. I’d love to make all the development changes I’ve added in public. I’ve worked on timer tiles and device group tiles (tap to toggle all, long press to open an expanded view and control individual devices). I’m sure there would be a lot more motivation for new development features with it being open source.

Terry has explicitly stated he would not be in favor of abandoning the cloud-dependent direction of ActionTiles. However, it’s worth continuing to try and change his viewpoint, as it’s clear from his posts that it is shifting vs an older post from when Hubitat was just announced.

I’m in favor of the subscription model because it shows real insight that the Hubitat team understands what Amazon has proven to everyone. Loyalty is a myth, but membership is valued by customers that receive value back. So far the Hubitat product is showing it’s going to be able to deliver on that, with much room for continued value-add.


Thank you for the great instructions, I got it working without issue!

One question, how do I make the Access URL use Local Address?

I tried to replace line 540 with “getLocalApiServer” but didn’t work.

Try using the code snippet I posted in the 2nd post...


That worked great!

Thank you!

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How do I enable the weather tile?

When I click on the weather setting box nothing happens.

I was wondering about that myself. I think there’s a seperate API installed on SmartThings (built in maybe) for the weather device.

@jpark and @EdwardN

I was able to make a slight tweak to SmartTiles to get at least partial Weather Tile capability to work. I revised my earlier post in this thread with the changes necesary.

[UPDATE] I added one more change to get Sunrise and Sunset to display properly on the Weather Tile. See the 2nd post in this thread for details.


Works great!

Thank you!

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Anyone have a link to the published version of SmartTiles they could send me via pm that would be great.