How to set virtual thermostat temperature with rule-5.1

Hi all,
I had been using " Virtual Thermostat Temperature Update" by @napalmcsr , however it had stopped working couple of HE updates back (current is on c-4), and I am looking for a way to do the same with Rules-5.1.
What I do not see in "actions" is a way to set attribute on vThermostat ...

Control HSM, Garage Doors, Locks, Valves, or Thermostats > Set thermostats sound like what you want:

And if you just like doing things the hard way, you can use the "Run Custom Command" option. The vThermo is an actuator.

Thank you - this is what I was after. Setting thermostat as @bertabcd1234 had suggested would not work as it only sets "setpoint" not temperature...

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Ah, yeah, I wasn't clear on the goal. If you're trying to set the temperature (or do anything else that is particular to a virtual device--a real thermostat is, of course, only a sensor for this value, so there are no such standard commands), you'll need a custom command.

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Just looked into changelog for 2.3.3 - there is an app called "Thermostat controller" - it created another virtual thermostat that uses arbitrary temperature sensor. Going to try that as well.

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