How to set RM Private Boolean via HTTP request

I've seen some folks who want to coordinate Hubitat and one calendar system or another. I want to do the same thing. But I don't think I need a separate Hubitat app, or other Hubitat mod to do it. My goal is simple, enable or disable an RM subrule using the private boolean. But I think I can do this by using my PC to send a command to Hubitat. My PC can read the calendar and emit any number of programmatic events(Thank You Mr. Torvalds).

So, is it possible to set the private boolean via HTTP request or other programmatic event from a PC on the same LAN?

If so, what would be the proper syntax. What coding skills I once had are profoundly out of date so a plain english explaination would be most helpful.

Thank You for your time. :bowing_man:t2:

Use a cloud or local end point trigger

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There are two options that I am aware of, one I am more familiar with and have used. I believe you can setup an HTTP endoint in an RM rule, but I have never done this myself (see @cosmo1 's post :slight_smile: ). This is the leaner and potentially preferred method. The alternative is to configure Maker API, and a solution I have used for standard "switch" type devices. I am assuming you can do something similar for a variable, but I could be wrong. You can install this Built-In App, configure which devices are available and you then get a list of example HTTP calls that can be made. This is where I am assuming the variable has some kind of connector device that could be included in Maker API, then you can call a command to set the variable value.

Thanks, I will take a look at that option.

I'll take a look at this too.

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There is a third way: see this post, lower on the page, where it describes how to use HTTP. There is actually a fourth way but it requires using HTTP Post, and it would disable a rule without the rule having to use Private Boolean to do so -- essentially behind the rule's back.


Y'all have given me alot to think about. I will explore a bit and see what I can do.

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Well gentlemen, here is what I finally went with.
Rather than enabling or disabling the RM rule. I set the rule to trigger with only a local HTTP endpoint.
I weasled on the device sending the request though. Instead of sending the request from my PC I used Automagic for Android installed on one of my tablets. Automagic has a handy dandy calendar scraper and can also handle HTTP requests directly.
Any calendar event with the title "Work" kicks off my sunrise lights for a nice sluggish wake up (hate mornings). If I find out I'm working on a Saturday(it happens); I'm gonna add a calendar entry anyway as a reminder; and I pull off any work entries for holidays I have off. Until, I get a program that reads the plant manager's mind, this is as good as it gets.
But wait, there's more...
Automagic supports creation of custom widgets, so I have widgets to do stuff without even accessing Hubitat via web or app. I am hoping to use something similar to create widgets to report on status information like temperature and motion.
So, thanks for the leg up.
Ya'll be good.

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Nice work, glad you got it setup and have had success. If you are using a Google Calendar you may also be interested in the Google Calendar Search app / drivers.

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Thanks. I pass on google as often as possible. I backup and synch everything locally using a Nextcloud server. I appreciate the suggestion nevertheless.

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