How to send alerts or notifications to phone?


So I just installed a new Yale lock and love the lock but miss the notifications that came with my WiFi lock.

is there a way to generate a alert when the lock is opened?

when I say alert, i mean some type of notification that I can receive on my cell phone.

if there is a existing topic on this, please point me to the right direction.

Yes, but first you have to install the Mobile app on your phone. Check out this document for more details: How to create new presence and push notification devices

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Hey @bobbyD yes i have the app installed already. Please know i am very new to Hubitat


Great. If you didn't validate that push notification is working, connect to your hub, then go to Devices and click on your mobile device. Type and send a test notification to confirm the push notification is working. After that, go to Apps and create a new Basic Rules rule - when door unlocked, send push notification to your phone.

Your rule would look something like this:

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this is the screen I see I placed some text in the device notification and tapped it but nothing happened.

Try logging out and back in on your mobile app. To log out go to Settings tab. When you log back in, select the same device. After logging in, send another test message to your phone.

That did it!!!

Now i’ll try the rule.

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It’s is possible to send a variable like who unlocked the door?

it worked!!!

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Yes, anything is possible, just not with Basic Rules app. To use a preset variable you will need to install an app called Notifications. Follow the link to learn more.


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