How to see Mode history?

Is there a way to view the history of the hub mode, the way you can see the history of the states of a device?

Logs: Location Events


From the left menu select "Logs" then select "Location events" tab:

  • Name (A) - is the event type. (i.e. sunsetTime, hsmStatus, and mode).
  • Description (B) shows what event has occurred. For example, if you created a Hubitat Safety Monitor custom monitoring rule named Monitor Only, it would display along with its current state (e.g. Armed or Disarmed).
  • Value (C) shows a unique identifier for the location event type that occurred. Two examples of this would be disarm or water Hubitat Safety Monitor events.
  • Event Type (D) shows information about the event type. (i.e. LOCATION_MODE_CHANGE).
  • Date (E) is a detail time and date stamp of when the event occurred. This time and date stamp together with the event type can be very helpful information in determining when an event occurred, such as the Arming or Disarming of Hubitat Safety Monitor, or an emergency event such as a water leak.

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