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This topic from The Fate of true Insteon PLM support from an already great product:

Put me to think if we need a How too/Tutorials Section on the Foruns or Wiki.

We have so great knowledge in pur foruns that we should leverage it. We all can learn something new everyday :wink:



I like it. The issue is we all tend to drift in and out of various topics within the threads. I am guilty as charged. How to we stay on topic?

Other forums I'm in basically have a moderator to manage this stuff. Have we reached that point yet?

I always find it painful when I have to go through a thread with 300 posts just to find some settings. I wish on those longer threads the 1st post summarized this stuff to help out.

Not sure if we need a moderator in the Foruns. The community is really pretty self-resilient to keep it self in line.

But I do get your point someone that goes through posts in a category and when valid extract the relevant information to Wiki/How to section/Tilutorials Section.


Just wish Discourse search was more robust. I sometimes find results on Google for a result on a Discourse forum that I cannot find with Discourse search.

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Feel free to add any How-to's you like on the unofficial wiki...


A “How To/Tutorials” section would be great, always nice to see how others are implementing things or how to do something more effectively before you attempt to fumble through it on your own.

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