How to run custom device command

Maybe I’ve missed something, but I can’t find how to execute a custom device command from RM.

I’m pretty sure that I saw and used it before but the only reference I can find is the RM documentation that refera to “expert” section at RM main page but I can’t find it.

Thanks in advance!

I think you are reading a thread about an old version of rule machine.

Custom commands don’t exist anymore in newer versions of rule machine, but you can run a custom action in any rule.


Do you mean if you wrote your own device driver and have a non-standard attribute or command in that driver, the RM doesn't offer you access to that?

My understanding is that if a device includes a command in the device edit page, and has a capability that makes it available to select in RM capability listing (Refresh or Actuator are enough), then you should be able to run a command by selecting the "Set Mode, Variables or File, Run Custom Action", including the ability to pass in parameters. See screenshot below:

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Yes - that’s exactly it.

My problem - I realize now - is that I’m trying to run a device’s command from a device capability (Notification) that is not exposed to RM to use to run a custom command.

I’m using the “Notify Plus Tile Driver” that exposes a command (reset) that I’d like to call. It’s a refinement that I’d like to include in my Dashboard but I can live without it - not absolutely happy, but I’ll survive!

Thanks everybody!

It’s this, as I mentioned above. Custom commands were retired at some point and replaced by custom actions.

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All you need to do is include a reference in the capability list in the driver for refresh or actuator and then you can select it in RM (bit of a hack I know...)