How to reset GE Motion sensor zwave device after it looses power

I have a GE motion sensor light switch (26933) in my office configured to turn on with motion and stay on. However there have been a few times where I have lost power or I've had to turn the power off in the house where I notice the device appears to go back to its factory configuration of auto on/off. The device is still paired because I can log into the habitat and make a change and save the configuration and it corrects the issue, However this manual step is quit annoying especially considering I have multiple around the house.

Has anyone experienced this? Does anyone know if there is a way to have my Hubitat automatically push the stored settings back to the device(s) automatically?

I have dozens of those and have never seen that.

That said you could certainly make an RM rule that sends an occupancy or manual command on HUB startup if you wanted to.


You should reach out to GE/Jasco support. If it’s less than 5 years old they will likely replace it for you.


I have 3 26933 and one 26931, all using Jason Bottjen’s (@JasonJoel’s) component driver, never seen this either.