How to remove z-wave database device entry for non-existent devices on hubitat c-8?

Several phantom devices are in the z-wave network table. These were failed inclusions (incorrect device attributes for some reason). The devices are long-gone from the device table, but remain in the z-wave table. We've run 'repairs' on the z-wave device entries, and the z-wave network, yet these devices remain displayed.
It appears these phantom devices include sufficient vestigial device info to prevent the related actual z-wave device from being included again.
How can we force deletion of these entries from the z-wave database, without having to remove & re-include everything?


Try doing a shutdown and power off on the hub for 30 secs. Power back up and push 'repair' and 'remove' buttons in Settings. You might have to push them a few times.

If that doesn't work, do a local backup then a soft reset then restore the backup file. If still not gone, do the repair/remove again.

I've had some really stubborn ghosts and were able to remove them with the above procedure. I never had to use a UZB stick.

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All of the information on the simpler ways to try to remove ghosts is in the guide that @672southmain linked to.

Always best to try the easy way first.


Used this to remove 5 ghost entries I had that I just couldn’t remove and I believed were causing massive slowdowns. Took it very slowly and followed each step.
Sorted and no more dodgy mesh. :+1:

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