How to recover after a brief power outage?

Had a nano second power outage. Lights flickered. Many, but not all of the apps no longer function. Deleted and regenerated app to turn porch lights on at sunset and off at sunrise. App does not work. Recycled Hubitat and wifi hub. No success

Your hub may have had database corruption. Check if the date & time on the hub are correct. If they are wrong, you can correct it using the browser's time. That may fix issues with apps that require a schedule. If it doesn't fix it, you will need to perform a Soft Reset and Database restore as described in the Hubitat documentation.

BTW, you should consider putting your hub on a UPS to avoid these issues.


When power flickers, there can be voltage spikes. If these occur when your hub is writing data to the internal memory, corruption of the database can occur. Although the hub is quite small, it is a computer just like your laptop or desktop computer. It just does not have its own graphical interface, keyboard, and mouse. You control the computer through a web interface. If the power surge is severe enough, electronic circuits can be damaged.

Any computerized device needs to have a battery backup to prevent loss of power during a power outage, no matter how brief. That includes your Internet modem, your router, any networking switches, your Hubitat hub, any bridges such as Lutron or Hue. I my case, I use a single Uninterruptible Power Supply to protect all of these devices since they are in the same location. A UPS also has robust power surge filtering to prevent damage to these devices.

In the winter, we had an ice storm that caused some brief power outages leading up to one that lasted 18 hours. When things came back online, I found that several of my eWeLink smartplug/repeaters had been damaged. Those are inexpensive and easily replaced, so they are not protected by a UPS. However, I might have lost hundreds of dollars of equipment if I did not have my USP devices on all the critical stuff.

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