How to properly stop Hub pairing mode?

Is there a way to verify that the HE hub is not in pairing mode? Yesterday I was trying to pair an Iris plug to ST and was having a heck of a time with it so I gave up. Today I discovered that my HE hub paired with the Iris plug... how did it do that? :flushed: I only noticed when I was reviewing my HE devices for activity.

The last time I paired something with my HE hub was Monday.

Tried it again today after rebooting my HE hub to make sure it's not in pair mode, it picked up my Iris plug again after I reset it LOL. Will try again tonight.

The hub will only be in pairing mode if you are in the discovery devices page.

Did you remove the zigbee device from the device list?

Yes, I removed and tried it again today during lunch and for some reason HE hub picked it up again.

The Iris plug from hell, LOL ... all Z-Wave here (Hue bridge/bulbs don't count), sorry :neutral_face:

When you say it picked it up, did you go into discovery again or it just showed back up after removing it from devices?

It just showed back up in HE. The hub was not in pairing mode. If it was, it would have stopped it with the reboot, correct?

This is my first Iris plug and so far it's been a wacky experience for sure :slight_smile:

Ok, let's take a step back.

First, confirm it is in the device list /device/list

Then, confirm it is in the zigbee details page /hub/zigbeeInfo

Then, go back to /device/list and click into the device. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click remove.

Now go back to /hub/zigbeeInfo and confirm the device is no longer in this list and no longer in /device/list

Now, unplug the device, hold down the power button for 5 seconds to discharge it.

plug the device back in, and let me know if it shows back up in either /hub/zigbeeInfo or /device/list

Do not go into /hub/scanDevice or it will find it because leaving the mesh / removing it puts the device back into discovery and will be picked back up.

Ok, I will report back when I try it again later. Thanks!

Patrick, I did as you instructed and for good measure rebooted the hub before I did anything with ST pairing. The device is back in my HE device list. The zigbee ID is 000D6F000B4F7E71. Feel free to log in to my hub if you need to check on system log.

I left the device as is for the time being until I can mess with it again tomorrow.

Well that's persistence

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Yeah, so the Iris outlets are well, stubborn, sometimes.

Basically here's what's happening. We tell it to leave. It says ok, we delete it. However, later it comes back and says, I changed my mind, I want back in... So we have to let it, since it presents the proper keys (which we told it to forget)

It should forget the keys by holding down the power button while plugging it in and then releasing the button when the blue light comes on, but sometimes it doesn't.

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I have an iris keypad that I tried to remove from ST, but it just won’t pair with HE, even when trying to reset the device. It’ll pair back up with ST though.

I was starting to think the reset button wasn’t working anymore, but could I be running into something similar?

Is there a way around this?

Basically if the device doesn't reset and forget its keys, no. Usually a factory reset or trying to join a new network when the old network isn't up, it might force it.

Yeah, you are running into the same issue. I got around it eventually by leaving the thing unplugged on my desk for a week.. It really was that stubborn. I couldn't believe what it was doing but i confirmed it with a zigbee sniffer.

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