How to program the LEDs in the HomeSeer WX300 dimmer?

I have a HomeSeer WX300 that's quite a cool gadget: It's a dimmer whose dimmer LEDs can also be used as programmable RGB LEDs. But how to program it? Some questions:

  1. From poking around the forum, I think there's a built-in driver and a custom driver. Was the custom a stop-gap until the built-in was released? Or does it have different/better features? Which is recommended? What's the status now in September 2023?

  2. In the devices list, I see the dimmer and set that it has a button labelled "Set Status LED". It works fine for me and I see that it has a blink option. How do I program the blink in Rule Engine?

What I have is a rule that use custom actions. The custom command for the WX300 is "setStatusLED". I'm adding three parameters, all strings: "1" (the led #), "red" (the color), and "true" (for blink). But it doesn't blink.

I see in the device page that there's a status line that lists the values for the dimmer LEDs, like "statusLed: {1={color=0, blink=false}, 2=...". When the rule triggers the action, I see the color change. But blink remains false. I also tried 'red, true' for the second parameter without success. What's the right syntax for the parameter list to activate blinking?

I don't have one of those in use, but assuming it's the same as the WD-200, try '0' or '1' instead of 'false' or 'true'.

Yes, it seems like '1' works as well as 'true'.

I also tried adding 'true' as the third parameter to the action for turning off the LED. That seems to work: It appears that turning the LED off also sets the blink variable to false if not explicitly included as true.

I think I now have the LEDs working consistently except for #7: it keeps turning the blink off even though both my on and off commands to it include 'true' as the third parameter to "setStatusLED".

Seems like a bug. Is the source for built-in drivers available somewhere?

I'm not sure which driver you are talking about in case there happen to be multiple drivers. If you are talking about mine, the most notable differences are explained in that topic, though there are likely also smaller differences (as this one was also written before the stock driver existed, though I expected it to be about like the WD-200+ given how similar they otherwise are):

If you hover over the command on the device detail page, you'll see an description of each parameter and the valid values. The best way to use them is all strings, as you have. The one difference I see is that you want on or off and not true (or false or 0 or 1) or anything else for the third parameter--again, assuming you're using my driver. Other drivers may vary but hopefully have something like this documented for them, too.

Hi there...
2 things i want to remark or say:

1: you can set if you want to blink,how fast you want to blink or if you prefered to be in a solid color and not blinking in the z wave parameters (i use the ┬Ębasic Z Wave tool┬Ę driver to change the value)
Check the bottom of the screenshoow remarked with blue,is the parameter for this:

2: i use for the SetStatusLed first the number of the led i want to turn on,then the color,and the On (1,green,on)

Ps:so far i have not figured out if i can make blink the led if something happen AND solid color if something else happen (I mean for example if 1 door is open solid color red on and if all doors are open then blink in red

I hope this information has been useful to you.

I'm not sure what the built-in driver offers, but if you are using my driver, there is no reason to use the Basic Z-Wave Tool. It is exposed as a preference on the device.

The entire set of LEDs has to be either "status mode" (possibly blinking) or "normal mode" (showing the level). This can be done in my driver via the setLEDMode() command. I'm again unsure what the built-in driver offers but assume there should be something similar. But for your example, I'm not sure you need this; you could use status mode and just set it to blink or not.


Im using the system/native driver (the hubitat assign the driver automatic after the inclusion of the Homeseer) but my Wx300 is set on Switch mode...and in this mode i cant see anything like that,maybe because is in switch mode?

No,but im refering to: there is a way i can have all the leds in solid red (not blinking) IF ONE door is open AND IF ALL doors open make the leds to blink in red? (for example)is one of my doubts

Thanks :slight_smile:

If it works at all like the 200+ you might want to try this:

Still working fine for my 200+

The built-in driver doesn't offer a command to switch between regular LED mode and status LED mode, it appears. I don't know how it works. but it's possible it does so automatically depending on whether you have any status LEDs set. My driver does that by default (actually, the manual when I wrote the driver said the device should on its own, but I didn't see that happen...), but the command is there so you can switch between modes any time on your own also.

Yes, you can do pretty much anything with Rule Machine (using the custom command I mentioned above) or a custom app (like the one linked to above, which was written for devices like these and the Inovelli ones that have such LEDs; I also don't know if it works with the HS-WX300+, but it's similar enough I imagine it would).

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