How to prioritize events during large operations

Case in point: A button that turns off ALL lights. If I'm in the bedroom and I press the button that turns off all the lights, it'd be awesome if the bedroom lights were the 1st to turn off. In reality, I sometimes wait 10-20 seconds for it to get around to 'em.

You could group them in RM

Action Rule for Group 1: turn off priority 1 lights
Action Rule for Group 2: wait x seconds, turn off priority 2 lights
Action Rule for Group 3: wait x+y seconds, turn off priority 3 lights

Main Rule: If button is pressed, run actions for Group 1, Group 2, Group 3


That would work, but you don't really need the pauses. Just string the actions together, so that one fires the next.


Scratch that - It's not running the Action Rules and I'm getting this in the logs: "Minimum time of 30 minutes has not elapsed."

Can you post some screenshots?

Or as an alternative, try removing the delays like @bravenel suggested.

Rule 1: If button pressed, turn off priority 1 lights and run actions of rule 2
Rule 2: turn off priority 2 lights, run actions of rule 3
Rule 3, turn off priority 3 lights, etc

To clarify, I'm attempting to run these action rules via proxy through Button Controller, which gives me the "30 Minutes" message. I haven't tried running it natively in RM yet (it's late). I'll try tomorrow. But I suspect this is an issue with Button Controller.

@bravenel - what does "Minimum time of 30 minutes has not elapsed" mean?

I don't have a clue what you are talking about.

Heh, sorry, looks like that was Device Monitor chatting me up.

Regardless, running RM action rules doesn't seem to be working thru Button Controller.

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OK, will look into it. Just run it in RM, using the button as a trigger.


Works like a charm. :skier::golfing_man::person_fencing:

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