How to "Pause" a Device?

Is there a way to just "deactivate" a device for Hubitat? (=> Freeze the actual State, don't create any Events, etc.)

E.g. after xmas I don't need some switches - but when I just unplug them, Hubitat fills the logs with warnings etc.

I don't want to remove those devices completely from Hubitat, as the process of reconnect them again is sometimes difficult.

Any ideas?
It would be nice to have a similar option like those in Rule Machine (Stop/Start)...

In the Devices page there is an option to disable a device. To turn it on, select the "X" in the top-right of the page:
Then next to each device you can choose to disable the device:


I am not aware of an RM option, but that does not mean one does not exist....


There is a way


That feature is not offered by Zigbee or Z-Wave. Even though you can suppress the activity on the hub side (basically hiding events in logging), as highlighted above by @sburke781, unplugged devices will remain connected to the radios, potentially creating havoc in your mesh networks.

Unplugging seasonal Zigbee/Z-Wave devices is the top reason for poor Z-Wave/Zigbee experience.


But a reason to re-engage with the supportive HE Community... :slight_smile:

But seriosly.... I did see another user comment on their choice of Wi-Fi devices for their seasonal lighting for this reason. But their use was primarily on / off control. If the level of control you want over the lighting effects is more precise, this would determine whether this would meet your needs.


Wi-Fi devices can be effectively disabled without negative impact on the hub.


Wow, I've never noticed that - great! :+1:
(And I call myself a "power user"... :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

If you are ever in Westphalia: I owe you a delicious beer from my hometown Soest! :beer: :grin:


No worries.... Perhaps this will at least encourage me to re-engage in my hobby of home-brew.... :slight_smile: It's been a few years....


is this the making of the 1st Annual European Users Conference ?

Back on topic, your request is spot on. Didn't know the above feature existed. There are devices that ARE pulled seasonally although I will admit to some of my irrigation valves being so critical that I don't even mess with them...just let them be through the winter for fear of upsetting the God of Zigbee Meshland. I just stop the application driving them.


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