How to pass Args

What is the proper way to pass/read args in a piston?
I created a global and set the Args option in Execute Piston command to load this variable but the global never changes when I read it in the called piston.
If I set the global first and then execute the piston it works but that's not really passing an argument to a subroutine/function in the classical sense.

Here is one example



Here is another



Screenshot 2023-01-26 at 9.17.31 PM

Great examples, thanks.
I'll hit the piston bricks tomorrow and try to fancy up my 2 subs.

On a side note (related to me making subroutines for common code) I often find myself wandering all over piston land when I use Globals or Executes in multiple places. There is no Print option for pistons so is there a way to extract the backup into a Word doc so the codebase is searchable?

What should the Log info {$} produce? I'm getting a null.

I did not pass anything called name, so that is correct.

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