How to pair zooz zen76 800LR to a c8

I have a C8 hub and can't get it to with a zooz zen76 800LR switch
This is my first pairing with a series 800LR device

I'm just a user, but what I've read is that it should pair but not LR. Z-Wave LR has consciously not been supported by Hubitat. Apparently, Matter is in the driver's seat.

The hub does not support LR (Long Range) but it will pair in mesh mode, you do not have to do anything special.

Easiest way is with Smart Start, open the Hubitat mobile app and log into your account / hub. In Tools > Smart Start scan the QR code on the device / box Here is a video showing it:

After you scan it, you just power up the device and it will pair itself!

Otherwise here is a video for other inclusion methods.

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Does the C8 have a series 800 radio?
If it does when will the firmware be updated.

Yes but that is not relevant. You can pair 800LR devices to a C5 which has a 500 series radio. Z-Wave is backwards/forwards compatible by design.

They plan to implement Long Range eventually but I think Matter support took precedence so that seems what is coming next. There is no ETA (for any new updates, ever).


The stated reason for no LR support when they adopted the chipset was no LR devices on the market to test with. Obviously that's beginning to change, so I hope we'll see it released soon-ish.

But yes, it's obvious that Matter is the focus of the current release series.

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I assume you mean to support LR?

No ETA has been given, but it will be sometime after the next release as it is not in that one. So assume months, not days.

But as mentioned above, you can use the device in non-LR mode today.


Zooz (not my favorite brand) has released a bunch of 800 series devices.

Like many people I was "hot" to get Matter support on my HE. But frankly, Matter clearly has a long way (years) to go before it has much practicality. I would rather Hubitat focus on 800 series LR devices than Matter.

Yup got a box full of them the other week. :+1:

You are preaching to the choir there, man. I have been quite vocal about the same thing.

That said, I get why from a "marketing and press release" standpoint they chose to do Matter 1st. The Matter devices were also more readily available 6-9 months ago (even though most of them are shite) when development started than ZWave LR devices were...

And "Matter" is getting a lot more visibility/press so supporting it is more attractive from a marketing perspective. More hype equals more views, more page clicks, and potentially more new users/buyers.

Maybe now that this Matter nonsense is out in the wild, they can get back to implementing ZWave LR. :wink:


Any problems?
Any improvement in connectivity?
Any improvement in battery life?
Any thoughts?

How do I suggest to Hubitat that Hubitat support 800 LR?

Well, since we can't pair them in LR mode on Hubitat, there wouldn't be any real noticeable differences on there...

The new ZSE41 contact sensor is the same CR2032 battery and may/may not be better on battery life. I do have a high resolution power profiler, I guess if I get time I should hook it up and compare them side by side... Finding the time is the trick though.

The new ZSE42 leak sensor with the ~2.5x larger battery should DEFINITELY be improved in terms of battery life. Was happy to see them change the battery size on that one.

On my LR test bed #1 I had no issues pairing the dimmer/switches (a 71 and a 77) in LR mode, so that was nice. Worked as expected, no real surprises. I was never able to get any of the battery sensors paired in LR mode on that test bed, they kept falling back and pairing in mesh/traditional pairing mode, but I only tried twice and haven't circled back to try again.

I also didn't have time to try either of the battery devices on my LR test bed #2 (my SiLabs dev system).