How to open a link in new tab

The dashboard docs say a link tile will open in a new tab, it does not. How can I get this behavior?

The dashboard tile also does not open in a new tab.

I don't see this behavior mentioned in the docs. (I think you are reading the v1 docs that you may have found via search instead of the "?" link in the Dashboard app or the "Hubitat Dashboard" help link from the main page of the Hubitat docs--I was able to find that mentioned there, though it's been so long I can't remember if that was the behavior then or not. This is a frequently encountered problem with Hubitat's docs wiki, where a search will turn up old content that is no longer linked to from anywhere but hasn't really been "hidden." Your best bet is to use the links available from the main page, other pages, or the "?" link in the app itself.)

Back to the actual question, I don't know of a way you can, though perhaps someone knows of a workaround. The click action appears to be done via JavaScript, and there is no way to modify that via the standard tile editor or any of the "Advanced" options (only some of the CSS) as far as I know.

And pretty well obfuscated js at that. The link just needs a target-"_blank" , please :slight_smile:

As you may have seen, it's a JavaScript event on click to simulate the same outcome, not actually an <a>. :slight_smile: But yes, it if were and we could modify attributes besides href (again pretending it were this), it would definitely be easy! Or at least you could right-click or tap-and-hold or whatever to choose via the browser's native options....

(I suppose you could use a browser extension that injects JS to do something here, but I don't have experience using these and I'm not sure if any run on tablets where I assume you might be using this. It would also require understanding how the Dashobard's JS works for this, which I certainly didn't dig into deep enough to figure out.)

All good, I just bookmarked them and use the bookmark. I still have the tiles on each dash for the phone

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