How to notify an android tablet of a mode change to turn off/on screen

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I'm looking for some ideas to get the subject above to work on an older android tablet.

My original idea was that I would install the Hubitat Mobile App on the tablet and then have HE send a notification to the tablet when the mode changed to away, night or present then have the android app, Tasker, monitor notifications for certain words and then turn the screen on or off to prevent burn in. However, the Hubitat Mobile app won't run on an older tablet and I don't really want to spend a bunch of money on a new tablet just to be mounted to a wall and run SharpTools.

Any ideas how I could work around this with the functionality that exists within HE and an older android tablet?

Edit: I thought maybe I could use IFTTT notifications to do this but that tablet is too old to install the IFTTT android app as well!

Just thinking out loud but maybe I could find a way to have the tablet plugged into a smart outlet and have that outlet turn on or off and have that trigger the screen to turn on or off.

If you use tasker, can you have that react to a pushover message.
One could easily be sent from HE on a mode change

I excitedly started trying to implement this with PushOver and found their app won't run on an older Android Tablet either. This tablet maxed out at version 4.2.2. of android so Pushover, IFTT or Hubitat Mobile won't run on it.

I wonder if pushover could somehow, through IFTT or other, send an email to the tablet that Tasker could read the notification for...

Maybe you can get a custom rom to run on it... what tablet is it?

I don’t know if this is any help?


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It's a Samsung Galaxy tab 2 10.1. I rooted it this morning to get the screen on and off Tasker commands working so it wouldn't be too much more work to install a custom ROM. That might open up the most possibilities.

Cool, I'll look into Join a bit more. I already use it with my Chromebook and Android phone for global clipboard etc.

Have a look at Fully Kiosk Browser.

I stumbled upon Fully Kiosk Browser when I was reading up on SharpTools. Unfortunately it doesn't run on an older Android tablet either! Needs version 6 or higher and this one is stuck on 4 unless I can install a custom ROM.

That's a shame. Oh well if you see some Amazon Fire tablets on a super sale maybe grab them but for now that Push notification method sounds like it's enough.

Ok, I just installed an Android 71. version ROM. What is your guy's opinion on the best way to proceed using this tablet for SharpTools and being able to have my mode changes turn the screen on and off. Fully Kiosk Browser?

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I am currently building a house which is almost complete and I did some light "testing" with and Fully Kiosk Browser using the Amazon Fire HD 8's tablets and the wall mounts. Unfortunately as I am not running them day to day atm I feel I cannot advise you on much other than to say that this is the direction I am going.

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I really like Fully Kiosk, at least with the native Hubitat dashboard. Also, if you can install Tasker and Pushover now, here's an example of how to get a tablet/phone to react to Pushover notifications:

Thanks guys. I ran into a couple of bugs with the ROM I installed, getting an error message that the launcher is crashing so will have to get that sorted out. I'll experiment with a couple of options and let you know what I find. Thanks!

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Just wanted to update this discussion. Everything is working great now! I rooted and installed SlimROM 6 on this old Galaxy Tab 2. Having Android version 6 allowed me to run Fully Kiosk Browser which is working great as all aspects of the operating system are hidden and if the tablet happens to reboot, Fully Kiosk launches automatically and I'm back looking at my dashboard (SharpTools).

For whatever reason, I couldn't get the Hubitat Mobile App working properly on the tablet. It wouldn't show up as a device on my Hubitat Hub. So I'm using pushover to send notifications to the tab when the mode on my Hubitat Hub changes to away or night. Then I have Tasker running on the tablet reading the notifications from PushOver and adjusting the screentimeout to really short or off. This basically allows the tablet screen to turn off when we leave the house or it's night time and come back on when it's the morning or when we arrive home. I have AutoNotifications running as well which clears the notifications as they come in so they don't accumulate.

All in all, it's working great!! Thanks for the help!


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