How to monitor unreachable devices?

This morning I woke up with the alarm sounding, because the zigbee button that was used to disable it did not work.

According to the logs, the device wasn't reporting to the Hubitat since a few days. Apparently the battery died with the last reported value at 46%. The button also used to report temperature every hour.

Is there a way to get a warning if the button does not report in?

Try this community app out.
Device Watchdog

You can set it up to notify you of device inactivity, battery levels, etc.

I competely agree with @bjcowles has said.
I use it and here is a screenshot of the tile.
I have a rule that turns on and off the switch that looks for inactivity every 5 minutes.


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Thank you, I’ll try it! Was looking for something simpler but that’ll do until I’ll have time to write something.