How to make this rule more efficient

I've created this rule but I feel like it's not very efficient as it runs every time power report dropped. The problem is that the washing machine would stop for a random amount time (up to a minute or two) and report 0.0w and then resumes again. I need to trigger the notification after power level reports 0.0 and stays that way for at least for 3 minutes.
Any help would be appreciated.

You might want to check out

You’ll then need to monitor power reporting events during your washer cycles to figure out what works for you. Keep in mind modern washers consume a small amount of electricity even when “off.”

You could take a slightly different approach and use a rule like I suggested in this thread:

In this case, I trigger when power goes over a value that suggests the machine will be in use, use a "Wait" for a value that suggests the machine is no longer in use (literally 0 didn't cut it for me, but this will depend greatly on the power reporting functions of your device--which you can also consider adjusting if needed; I prefer mine to be as non-chatty as possible while still getting the data I need), and then notify if it stays that way for some time. As usual with things like this, you'll need to adjust the values and timing to suit your particular plug and washing machine.

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Hey Igor - I can't help you with the efficiency of your rule (there are considerably better qualified people than me that will do that for you I'm sure), but I am intrigued by the line that says "Notify Igor's Phone (SMS): 'Washing machine is done'" - can I ask what this is and how you are achieving it please? I'm a relative newby and I would very much like to send SMS messages to my phone after triggering a certain condition.

Thanks in advance


I'm using SignalWire to send the text messages. SignalWire is a very cheap alternative to Twilio ( $0.049207 per phone number, free inbound and $0.002600 for outbound SMS)
Here are the driver files if you need them.

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Thanks @HAL9000 and @bertabcd1234,
I would need to play with it little more. It looks like the power consumption would still stay just under 2W after the cycle is done but now I have a better idea.