How to make conditional loops

I'm new to RM, and really like it so far, and find it remarkable in what I can do with it. Setting up a simple loop until type rule however is escaping me as to how to do it.

I have set up several routines where I configure assorted switches, thermostats etc for going to bed, getting up etc. but am having difficulty with the one I want to build for leaving the house.

Ideally I want to have google trigger the routine, configure switches, locks, and thermostat appropriately, then notify me that everything is configured correctly prior to my heading out the door. I don't have any trouble setting that part of the rule up.

As a last step however, I want the rule to wait until the garage door opens, then closes prior to setting away mode and HSM (I'll build two rules, one for leaving via garage, the other for front door).

Suggestions? As a side note, so far using a timer didn't work ideally for me for this, and I haven't had reliable luck with presence sensors so prefer something arming when the door opens then closes after rule initiation.

Wait for the next release, 2.1.0, coming soon. RM gets Wait for Event as an action.


Fantastic. You guys rock