How to make a Trigger reliable

How can I make this rule reliable?

Unfortunately this no longer works after updating to 2.7

Any recommendations on getting this to react on changes to the HeatDemand?

just tagging @gopher.ny - as this is related to issues we've been discussing..

This Rule is a remake of an existing rule that also stopped working on 2.7 and was created because it appeared to be another issue where an existing rule breaks on update and requires re-creation.

What is the actual failure? Since you have logging enabled for the rule, the key pieces would be either a moment where that variable (or switch connector) value changes but the rule (triggered off this) doesn't log a trigger. Otherwise, if your rule is triggering and the actions are running, it may be related to the other rules or possibly RM's abililty to "trigger" them from this rule--and if those are running, then there's likely an issue with the contents of those rules or the device itself. In any case, none of the screenshots above demonstrate what is actually going wrong.

I just made a quick rule and was able to trigger on a global Boolean variable with a switch connector changing, but I'm not sure if that's your issue:



The actual failure is that the Turn On Boiler Rule is NOT called when the HeatDemand changes to TRUE.

So this morning when the house switched from NIGHT to MORNING mode several zones, Kitchen, Lounge and Landing were calling for Heat - the Variables all switched in for TRUE demand, the HeatDemand variable switched to TRUE and the changed was not detected so the instruction to Turn On the Boiler was NOT sent.

It has NOT been responding to HeatDemand variable changes since I recreated the Rule.

Unfortunately the periodic check I put in for every 2 mins to check if the variable had changed only gives me the 5 hours of logs so can't go back to the event this morning.

I'll keep a close eye on it for the next few hours, I have disabled the Periodic check and capture all the logs and try and work out why the changing variable is NOT triggering.

My question was basically whether you could tell which of these--which are, of course, two different problems--was actually happening. Have you also verified that the second rule isn't called and not just that its actions actually do run but simply don't have the intended effect? That's a third possibility, and logging on that rule may help figure this out, too. I agree that watching the logs when (or shortly after) you think any of the above should happen would also help figure out what is causing the problem. Good luck!


Will return once I have logs…

It did not fail this morning as the house moved form Night to Morning mode.

Yesterday it failed.

This is the Rule it calls if HeatDemand=TRUE

I may have picked the logic when I added in the element about heating up the Hot Water if the Heating goes on too.

This Rule worked reliably for months, but since 127 have been having issues.

No longer triggering on the state change, so added check every 5 mins.


But according to the events, not so much.

Any ideas on how to improve this? Anyway to force it to run on a regular basis?

I have one of these rules for each heating zone and the others are stable and working without the 5 min check trigger.

Pressing Run Actions immediately opens the TRV valves and the radiators heat up.

The only difference is this is the only zone with two TRVs

After the last week (or so) of the Rules/triggers and trv valves not working reliably as they have been since Christmas.

I have restored to 2.2.6 140 hopefully will return to stability.

Will report back if it stabilises again.