How to make a tile icon and text bigger

Hi all, I've created a dashboard for a kitchen mounted tablet (see below). What im trying to work out is how to make the Weather and associated text larger? Without wearing glasses it is hard to see the weather icon and text. I use this dashboard with Fully Kiosk and its great for also launching NetFlix and other apps from. Thanks.

Font change is in the dashboard options menu (the gear icon at upper right). It has the option "Font Size". It will increase all fonts on the dashboard.

What are you using to pull the camera feed in there?

I'm using the image template (no device selected) then fill in the URL and a refresh interval ( i use 1 second). Works well

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I had the same issue for dashboard's created for tablets. If you want to adjust those tiles only can use a custom css and "font-weight: 900;" to make it quite beefy. I used it on the date/clock as well.


Can you share the color blue and yellow you used for this? I like it. Work for the Blues and I'd like to copy your color set up as it looks close to our colors.

Yellowish is RGB 255, 193, 2 and blue is RBG 0, 0, 153. And I reversed the colors for on and off.

Thanks. gives me a starting point.