How to make a "simple" rule to light a bulb when ANY window sensors are open

I'm hoping for some directional guidance! I'm basically just trying to create a setup to alert me with, for example, a light turning on, when ANY of my Wyze sensors (all on windows) are OPEN. I set up an IFTTT applet to work with Wyze, but this failed because whenever any one of the windows was subsequently closed, the light would turn off, even if others were still open. I have Homebridge set up too, but Homekit's automations don't appear any more useful for my purpose than IFTTT's. Yes, I can simply ask Google, "Are windows open?" and Google will answer correctly, telling me that, e.g., "Windows (a) and (b) are closed but (c) is open." The problem here is that I have to remember to ask Google! Too often I forget, and go to bed with various windows still open. So I bought an HE to try to alert me with a special light when a window is open.
My HE arrived today and I am already running into problems because of course it's super powerful/complex and because few of my "smart" gadgets appear to work right out of the box with the HE. Lifx bulbs, various WiFi smart switches and bulbs, Wyze cameras and sensors, and Google Home. Now, I know I'm going to have to spend time learning how to use the HE, but I would appreciate any guidance as to how to set something up --the simpler the better! -- that will TURN A LIGHT ON IF ANY WINDOW (SENSOR) IS OPENED AND KEEP IT LIT AS LONG AS ANY WINDOW (SENSOR) REMAINS OPEN (REGARDLESS IF OTHER WINDOWS ARE SUBSEQUENTLY CLOSED). In other words, if any window is open, then the light is on. Thanks for your suggestions!

The HE community has some integrations for those if you use PI devices. If not you might be able to do it another way.

I do not use Wyze, or IFTTT so I'm just spitballing here. Can you set up a virtual device in HE for each Wyze contact, and have IFTTT make them open/closed individually? If so you can then use one of the averaging apps (there are a couple in the community just search 'average') to make it so if any 1 contact is on open, the virtual average device is open. You could then target that device with your rule.

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I highly recommend [RELEASE] Alpha WyzeSense Integration . I'm using it for my Wyze sensors/contacts and it works like a charm. I found using it through IFTTT to be too slow in response.

If you need any help setting it up (I did it in a Ubuntu 18.04 VM), feel free to review my notes in the thread or message me

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Thanks to both of you for your suggestions.

I'm going to try to explore virtual devices (which I presently understand not at all) next. There's so much to learn about this powerful hub that it's going to take me a while!
About Pi devices: I have one rPi operating now, running Homebridge. I was rather amazed that I got it up and working. I had used that rPi previously in a Google AIY Voicekit that I built. My knowledge here is quite limited as well, unfortunately. For example: is it possible to run Alpha WyzeSense Integration on the same rPi that's now running Homebridge, or would I need to install and run it either on top of (instead of) Homebridge, or on another Pi machine? I do have an old Mac Mini down in my basement that might still work that I could try putting Homebridge on instead of my rPi. Actually, this leads to my other big question: if I now have Hubitat, is Homebridge redundant? So far, Homebridge seems to bring little to the table that my Google Home setup doesn't already bring. Maybe less. And since I'm clearly going to have to burn a whole lot of mental calories learning Hubitat to get it working (as well as my GH setup does now, at least), perhaps I should just forget about Homebridge and use that rPi machine to run Alpha WyzeSense Integration. I'm sorry to be so verbose, but I'm actually thinking this issue through as I type it out. Your comments welcome.

Since Google Assistant "knows" from Wyze when any sensors are open or closed, isn't there some way for Hubitat to "read" this information from Google (that app already installed on my HE)?