How to make a full backup and restore of node-red flows?

Just wondering if anyone here has done this before. I'll soon be migrating my RPi NR setup to home assistant (on a PC) so need to move everything across at some point.

Thanks - I hadn't realised there was an all flows option!


Unless you have specified the name/path of your flow file in the configuration file, you may need to rename your flows file when restoring from the Pi to Windows. Otherwise, it will create a new (blank) "flows" file with the default name. What I've done in the past is copied the name of the "new" file, deleted it and renamed the old file - everything works correctly after that.


I have NR running on my NAS in a docker container and I have the /data mapped to location outside the container to a folder on my NAS for backup purposes. When I upgraded NR recently I simply deleted the old container and added the new version and remapped this folder and all my flows were available.


Ill probably install supervised as a docker container in debian instead of windows so hopefully it shouldn't create any issues. :crossed_fingers:

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Hopefully it just works :crossed_fingers:. But just in case it starts up with a blank flows file, all you have to do is to rename your original flows file (it doesn't delete it, just creates a new instance).

Node-RED uses flows_<"hostname">.json as the default flows file. You can change this by providing the flow file name as argument to the node-red command.

Running Node-RED locally : Node-RED - about 2/3rd way down the page.

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