How to link leaksmart sensor to shut leaksmart valve off

How in the world do i link the sensor to turn the valve off. All I can do with the valve right now is manually Turning on and off through the app And with the sensor the only thing that It tells me it's temperature and If it's dry but I can't Seem to link them up somehow so the valve shuts off and stays off. Any help is greatly appreciated

In the HSM there is a Water alert section where you can specify your water leak sensors and have it turn off the Valve when it becomes wet as well as turn on lights, send notifications (push or TTS), and more.

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Lol I can't even find the safety monitor!

I'm still trying to figure out how to add the monitor

Found it and got it set. Thanks for the help

Glad you got it. Sorry I was out blowing leaves haven’t found an automation for that yet.

It’s called children.