How to link IFTTT together?

I set up both Hubitat and the LG Washer / Dryer on ITFFF but how do I set up that notification appear on Hubitat when a cycle is complete?

When I went to this page, I don't see a setting to link it together

What trigger choices does the LG Dryer offer you on IFTTT?

Edit: Just checked - it offers Drying complete as a trigger

Use this as the trigger and whatever Hubitat action you want in your IFTTT applet.

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Where you find this trigger? I am looking all over for it lol ....

In IFTTT, click on your icon on the top right. Then select "Create"

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I did this and did not get anywhere but after seeing your post ... I checked again and ohhh that "PLUS" icon is a button LOL .... thanks!

I followed the steps .. but I am at lost how to have the dryer trigger a notification on Hubitat.

Do I need to create a notification on Hubitat first or it not possible since there is no notification support on Hubitat ITFFF page?

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Create a virtual switch in HE then have the dryer completing turn that switch on. Then create a notification for when the switch turns on

Thanks ..

I wonder if you know a way to send the notification to the iPhone Homekit banner to notify when Dryer is complete? I have Homekit connected to my Hubitat but I don't think it notify when a switch is toggled ..

Just garage door or door locks so far.

Hubitat IOS app does seems to work pretty good with notifications .. Maybe I will use it instead of Homekit ...

Thank you @dadarkgtprince for the help here!

For other who may discover this thread during searches, this is how I got mine working,

I got it working with iPhone but using Hubitat app built in notification. I am running the beta app so I am not sure if it work the with existing app but here how I did this. I am doing this from my memory and I may missed a step or two.

Set up Virtual switches for both Washer complete and Dryer complete and set it to auto turn off at 2 seconds.

Set up IFTTT account -

Added Hubitat to your ITFFF account and authorized both Washer and Dryer virtual switches on it.

Added LG Smart ThinQ to your ITFFF account (Need to be registered on Smart ThinQ before doing this part if you haven't already)

Create different 2 tasks under ITFFF account- Smart ThinQ report complete Washer to turn on Washer virtual switch and Smart ThinQ report complete Dryer to turn on Driver virtual switch

In Hubitat, set up notification app to notify you when washer or dryer virtual switch is turn on. (completed) .

This setup seems to be working for me and I no longer need to have Smart ThinQ app on my iPhone.

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