How to link hub to show up in My Hub

I am a little confused, I have Hubitat working, integrated with Google Home. But in the past 3 days, something happened, and I could no longer control my lights with Google Home. I rebooted Hubitat, and could not log in (had to convert my social media account to local).. That done I logged into the portal, and when I go to My Hubs
The browser just sits and spins saying

Looking for hubs assigned to your account on this network, please wait...

If no hubs are found, this means you have no hubs assigned to this account or they are not available on this network.

If I click on Find Hubs, I have a hub listed, and I can go manage it no problem.

I don't see how I can link my Elevation to my account.. It seems I need to do this so I can manage my hubitat via the mobile app.

I would definitely email support and @bobbyD can help you.