How to Launch Zwave Repair

Is there a way to repair the entire zwave network at the same time? I can only see a node by node repair option in Zwave details under settings. I must be missing something basic.

Settings, zwave details, repair zwave

Marvel at my highlighting skills


It generally isn't recommended to do a full repair on a C7.


OMG. Right in front of me. Even after you circled it I had to look closely. Apparently your highlighting skills are better than my reading skills :).

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Thank you for that info. It kind of boggles my mind that I will have two switches side-by-side with one showing a speed of 100k, the other 9.6k. Rather than routing through 100k switch, the 9.6k switch takes a very different route.

I have replaced a few zwave plus switches from one vendor with switches from another and I noticed the network has been a lot more responsive. I did have a few ghost nodes that I was able to remove in Zwave details. I'll just give it time to do its thing.