How to Invoke Breeze Mode and/or Cycle through speeds on Fan+Light, LZW36?

I keep reading about Breeze mode and Cycle Mode for the Inovelli Fan+Light, but I'm not sure how to turn these on/off from a dashboard button, the physical buttons, Alexa or Google. I am using the Hampton Bay Fan Componet for the "Type" (i.e. driver).

As to the dashboard sub-choices for a fan, is "Auto" breeze mode or cycle?


I don't think the LZW36 natively supports any "cycle mode," unless that's alternative terminology for "breeze mode" that I was just not aware of. Breeze mode, as you may know, just randomly switches the fan speed between high, medium, and low, perhaps spending a bit more time on the lower speeds.

This part is a bit confusing, but because Z-Wave doesn't have "native" support for a special fan mode as part of the regular level command, Inovelli usurpsed a level of 1 to set breeze mode. And because Hubitat's native fan-speed options also don't have anything for, they usurped "auto" to set breeze mode there. So, a "Set Speed" command to "auto" or a "Set Level" command to 1 are equivalent (assuming you're able to do the "Set Level" on the fan portion--the light portion also has a command for this name, but how each gets exposed will depend on the driver you're using).

There's also Hubitat's "Cycle Speed" command. This isn't really related to any of the above, but because some of the words we're talking about overlap, it's probably worth mentioning. This is just like pulling the chain on a traditional ceiling fan: if off, it will go to low; if low, it will go to medium; if medium, it will go to high; and if high, it will turn off with an execution of this command. (Not that exciting in real life, but maybe useful on a dashboard.) Whether "breeze mode" gets included here is up to the driver, but I know Inovelli's custom driver skips it.

So: yes, to turn on breeze mode from a Dashboard tile, choose "Auto." For Alexa or Google, "dim to 1%" or similar should work if you're able to target the fan component specifically (this will depend on your driver). To turn either off, just choose a different speed/level, or turn the fan off. I'm not sure if there's any way to activate it from the paddle, though on Hubitat you could certainly use any of the scene/button events from any of the physical buttons to do whatever you want, including activating breeze mode.

Thanks for the explanation. It pretty much confirms what I was thinking.

BTW, I tried to set the speeds by creating a virtual dimmer device and then created a button rule that said a button 1 push set the fan child to 33 for low and a similar 2nd rule to set it to 66 for medium. But when I added those to a dashboard they didn’t do anything. Is there a way to do that?

The Dashboard button things sounds like it should work. Did you specify the button number to push when you made the dashboard tile? If not, that is the problem; if so, I'd see if your virtual button works when activated directly from the device page to see where there might be a problem.