How to interact with Lock Code Manager in Groovy?

Is there any documentation or examples how I can interact with LCM in my own Groovy app? I can program a door lock in Groovy just fine, but I'd like to use LCM too for the robustness.

Lock Code Manager is, in essence, an app itself written in Groovy. Like most apps, it does not have an API that allows other apps to interact with it directly (there are rare exceptions for things like Rule Machine). However, if you're writing an app, you could write something similar yourself--LCM isn't magic; it ultimately just calls commands on and reads attributes from devices, like any app can do. If you don't really want to write an app, you could also just call commands on the locks from Rule Machine, among other possibilities. It may help if you explain more about what you're trying to do.

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Real simply, programming of door lock codes. LCM has a re-try mechanism and would like to use that if possible without re-creating it. Albeit, it wouldn't be hard to re-create it. Just asking if LCM has developer interfaces, though it sounds like not.

If LCM has the feature you want, what's stopping you from using it?

My custom app will need to interact with the lock device directly and i'll have to build in my own logic. I would consider having my app interact with LCM directly if there's an API or functions exposed, but that doesn't sound like the case.