How to integrate this switch/controller

I have one of these RGBGenie Zigbee
wall touch switch/controllers.
I just like to look at a thing so that’s me…

So I have a Philips Hue system with hub and everything. This wall device is advertised to work with Hue, but it’s not official Friend of Hue through Phillips.
So you can add Hue lights to this controller and control them that way , with no Phillips hub.

But I want my Philips hub.

The RGBgenie can be added to a Zigbee network like the Hubitat. I did add it.

So since I’m brand new here, what steps would I have to take to capture the commands sent out from this switch/controller by pressing the various touch buttons and sliders on it, and then translate that to what I want to happen and send it to the Philips Hue hub?

You would use one of the integration apps to expose all of your Hue Devices on Hubitat. (I personally like CoCoHue for this.) Then you would use the button controller app to set up the actions you want to occur for each button press.

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The problem is, I have the RGB genie installed to the Hubitat. The problem is, in any of the apps, the only button an app offers me is the life 360 integration.

So I don’t know what the Hubitat is seeing it as. So how can I do that , as step one , identify what its being seen as & then how to capture its output?

Which model is this?

What driver (device type in the settings page) are you using?

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If it’s one of these button controllers you have, then the following is how I got mine working.

Mine’s the ZB-3027 so when I paired it with HE it automatically selected the RGBgenie controller ZB-3027 driver.
It’s got 3 buttons, so it will create 3 child devices which you can rename to what devices you are going to control.

Now, to get it to actually control your chosen devices, you have to install and use the built in “Mirror” app.

In the Mirror app, set up one mirror per child device on the controller. You will use the child devices as the Source and the real devices (like your lights) as the slave devices.

Theoretically, if I have managed to explain myself in such a way that others can follow, you should now be able to control your lights with your button controller.

Good luck and welcome to the forum!

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