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I would like to setup a routine using Echo, Printer and Zwave Switch, then automatically turn off the printer.

So on Echo request 'Turn on Printer'
HE Turns on the ZWave switch - printer turns on
HE waits 30 mins then turns off the printer

Another similar on is

Echo 'Turn on the Tool Charger'

Involves Echo, Zwave Switch and a Power bar, turns on Switch then when the Switch measures less than 7w drain turn off the switch.

I have worked out how to get Echo to control Device in HE but not something more complex.

I suspect it involver Virtual Devices but not figured that out yet.


add a switch called printer.. use alexa app , let it discover it.. then try it and if not add a routine for turn on printer, but it should work .

then add a rule with rule machine. that when printer turns on, turns it off delay 30 minutes.. pretty simple


I'll also note is that if your printer has a soft switch or doesn't come on after power interruption, this will be problematic.

No virtual switch required. Here is what I would do in Rule Machine. Every time the switch is turned on, it would automatically turn off when the power is less than 7.:

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This one will turn off the switch 30 minutes later every time you turn it on. (From Echo, the wall switch, dashboard, etc.). Using Simple Automation:


@rlithgow1 noted, I am recreating actions from my old HA system, the printer has a hard switch :slight_smile:

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@Sebastien thanks.

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