How to identify the active Google Home device?

With a little help of IFTTT and MakerAPI I've written an app to talk to my Hubitat via my Google Home devices. So I can control all my devices via voice control, or e.g. ask "what's the temperature in the garage?"! :blush:


I've not found a way to get the exact Google Home device I'm talking to, so the answers must be send from Hubitat to all my Google Home devices. :roll_eyes:

Any ideas how I can identify the used Google Home device (or maybe the last active)?

Hint: When I use a Google Home device the corresponding Hubitat device (i.e. Chromecast Audio) indicates nothing (I had hoped for something like mediaSource or status to reflect that). But no event is fired... :disappointed_relieved:

Yeah, it only indicates if its driven from an HE action. Otherwise I think no way to tell from HE.

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