How to have Hubitat, Konnected interface an Alexa play nice

Recently i installed Konnected interface on my old wired alarm box and it works perfectly with Hubitat. All wired sensors found. My question is, can i have Alexa announce when someone opens the wired front door or for me to ask Alexa if the front door is open? I even have a smartthings multisensor on my garage door and Hubitat shows me if the door is open, but if I ask Alexa, i get nothing. I have Hubitat skill installed in Alexa app, also have the app in Hubitat for Alexa. I checked off all the wired sensors an the ST multisensor but Alexa doesnt seem to see them even though I asked to find all new devices.

Yes, you can use either of these community Alexa Text to Speech solutions.

No, not currently. Hubitat has not added support for motion and contact sensors to Alexa yet.

Much appreciated! Thanks so much for your quick response, I'll give it a look!

You can actually do this but it is a little complicated to do. I'll go through this at a high level and if you have specific questions, let me know. Also, all the names of everything can be substituted for whatever you want. I'm merely giving them names for the purposes of the walkthrough.

First, create a virtual switch in HE called "Front Door Query". Set this switch to auto-off after 1s and add it to the Alexa app in HE. Then, in the Alexa app, create a custom routine that when you say "Is the front door open" Alexa turns on this switch.

Then, in Rule Machine, create a triggered rule. The trigger will be the switch Front Door Query turning on. Then the condition will be the front door is open. For true, put in the announcement that the front door is open, in the actions for false put the announcement that the front door is closed. Et voila!

Now, I wouldn't recommend going through all this trouble for every door sensor in your house but for a couple key doors, it might be worth it. I'm thinking garage door and front door. I have it set up through google home for my patio door since it ALWAYS rains in through that door and I don't want to always pull my phone out to check the sensor.

The one caveat...all of your Alexas or Google home's will give you the response, not just the one you asked. Which, might disturb other members of the household. I live alone so that's a problem I don't have to worry about. :slight_smile:


This is a very interesting, innovative solution. Thanks for sharing.

I believe this will require the use of one of the community developed Alexa Text to Speech integrations, correct? Both of these allow for individual Echo Devices to be selected. So, as long as you’re only going to ask the question at one location, you could target the responses to just that one device.


You could try....but there's no way of knowing where the request came from. That's the only problem.

Thanks again guys for your in depth explanations. My one question, Ryan, where and how do I Set this switch to auto-off after 1s concerning the virtual switch. I used virtual switches in ST but Hubitat virtual switches seem different.

The automatic off is a feature of the Hubitat Virtual Switch Driver.

Ahhh! Never thought of looking there. Learning so much from this community. Thank you again !

Pertaining to the text to speech apps that would be needed for Alexa and your answer to my question concerning my front door announcement, would you recommend the previous AMAZON Alexa text to speech Hubitat app or Echo speaks app, keeping in mind the easiest to use lolo. Thanks again for all your help!

I'm a Google user so I don't really have an opinion on which is better. Sorry.

No problem, you've been a great help with all your directions

In your opinion which of the two Text to speech Hubitat apps you previously stated would you recommend considering ease of use and stability. Thanks again!

Well, I’m a little biased toward the Alexa TTS app, since I wrote it! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

If you want simple and lightweight, the Alexa TTS app is a good choice if you only want TTS.

If you want a much more full featured solution, and thus much larger and more complicated, Echo Speaks is the right choice.

LOLO, didn't pickup on that you wrote it lolo. Alexa TTS app it is . Thanks again for your quick response. New to all this adding of apps. So I just follow your previous link above,copy and paste into the Hubitat app section. Once installed are there any instructions I should know about?

Read through documentation in the ReadMe, as it will walk you through the process. To avoid needing to manually update the ‘cookie’ every 14 days, you can run the optional NodeJS server on a Raspberry Pi or similar. This has worked great for me. Another community member, @gabriele, added this awesome feature.

Have fun!

Will do! Can't thank you enough!

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