How to get rid of duplicate devices

I've been running this hub for over a few years , and over time i may have had problems with some of my speakers, i would just delete them and re add them..
Problem is it would leave a copy of the word , but if i choose to select one it doesn't work..

How to get rid of the names not in use?

When you say you delete them, how are you doing this? Are you doing it via the Devices section of the HE hub, or some other place? If you open the Devices page, do you see the double entries there as well?

If you create another automation (the App probably not important), do you see the ghost speakers available for selection in those?

You put this topic under the RM part of the Community, but I suspect your are using a different App, based on the screenshot you posted.... Am I right?

What platform version are you running? Most likely not an issue but never hurts.

Interesting to me, because I thought I had gotten rid of all my ghosts. The last one I created (not resetting or removing batteries from a removed Hue outdoor sensor right away - doh) doesn't seem to be evident as these things usually show. But I happened to run the Preferences Manager on Hue Motion Sensors and there I discoved that ghost.

I had tossed that sensor in the trash suspecting it caused issues (it has a history), but recovered it yesterday when that ghost was noticed. Still, I couldn't get that resolved.

Just mentioning here since seeing this topic - I was going to wait a bit before asking about it. It's not like it's causing any problems otherwise (I think).

edit: FWIW, Pref. Mgr. settings changed for ghost sensor doesn't produce anything in the logs.


Based on my own Sonos speaker connecting via Wi-Fi, I am expecting the term "ghost" here may throw some based on the use of that term in Z-Wave mesh networks.

I even have gosts for logins, only the top one allows me to login, the other ones im not sure why they are there :thinking:

You could look the mobile devices up on the Devices page for the hub and, perhaps, look at the creation date to try and understand at least when they were created. Ultimately if the other two are not being "Used By" anything, listed at the bottom of their Device Details page, then you could delete them I expect.

In the OP's message, those aren't ghosts. As for yours, those are zigbee, so you can simply go into your device list and delete them (Check device list and zigbee details). Z-wave on the other hand is where you really get problematic ghosts at.

When you "delete" them, are you deleting them from the device list or integration? If you're deleting them from the device list, ALSO delete them from the integration.

OP appears to be describing more than one problem.

The first screenshot shows several Sonos devices, with some duplicates.

The second screenshot is from the Hubitat mobile app, after logging in, with duplicate mobile devices shown.

Can you confirm these are the two problems you need help with?


Unfortunately one can't delete zigbee devices that don't exhibit in the list. I have nothing Z-wave. . if what I've seen aren't referenced as ghosts, I don't know what to call such system apparitions of removed devices. I can appreciate I'm not facing z-wave ghosts, though. Didn't intend to muddy the waters.


You seem to be having the same problems as me, and its really hard to explain to people that are not experiencing the same thing.

No, if @bob.t is having some kind of issue with a zigbee device, then it’s probably not the same problem you’re having.

Please consider answering the question I asked above.

Edit: if you’re seeing duplicate or unresponsive devices not limited only to the two examples you described, then please specifically list which kinds of other devices are also causing issues.

You can find 2 entries. One in the zigbee details list and one in the devices. Check both.

Oh, I do, and I have. I'll step aside in this topic, and create a new one in due time as warranted. The non-existent device seen in the Preference Mgr. isn't a current problem ('cept for the OCD), and as far as issues go, this I presume would be closer to the bottom than top of the list of our developer's headaches.


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