How to get notification from Dome Mouser?


I am moving from SmartThings to Hubitat and was wondering how to get alerts from the Dome Mouser. I added it to Hubitat and tried to set alerts for contact sensor but these were triggered by the power switch on/off. I tried to use motion sensor but these didn't trigger anything. I am using the built-in driver. Any suggestion?

You will have to join the owners group to post a screenshot. Hub owners - Hubitat

Can you screenshot the "Current States" in the top right corner of the device page?

Here you go.

So when you turn it on the contact switches to closed? The "contact" may be telling you the trap is armed or not, so closed is armed and open unarmed I would guess.

The motion should be when "Pest Exterminated" occurs according to the docs.


What have you tried to setup for a notification rule?

First, how I tested: used a ball of rolled paper towel and I throw it in to trigger the zapping.

To get alerts I am using Pushover.
I set the kind of device to "Motion Sensor"
Selected the mouse trap as the device.
I turned on both "Motion active" and "Motion inactive" to see if any of them will trigger the alert.
Left For how long to empty.
Only once per day is off.
Repeat notifications is off.
Text notification is set to Pushover

On the device page, check the "Events" tab, this will show you if the "motion" state has changed from inactive to active when you tested it. If it has not changed then either the device is not reporting, or the driver is not working correctly with it.

You may want to turn on all the logging options one the device page as well, and try to trigger it again, and watch the logs. Might be a hint in there.

Motion state didn't change and I didn't see anything in the logs that can point to the issue. I tried it with a second Dome Mouser and it's the same. One may have a problem but two that used to work in SmartThings not working anymore is iffy at best. Maybe a driver problem? Now the issue is that I cannot add them back to SmartThings because in their great wisdom they are in the process of changing their environment yet again and I don't think they support the custom driver I was using. So now I am not here nor there.

What is the "Type" set to on the device page?
Try switching it to "Device" and then every event from the device will print in the logs.
That will tell you if the device is reporting back to the hub at all.

Example from a light switch:

Also, have you checked the Settings Z-wave Details to make sure it is paired up and has a route listed?

The type is correctly detected as Dome Mouser.

Sorry, the previous capture was done while it was still a Dome Mouser device. I switched it to Device and this is what I got.

Ok Notification type 19 (0x13 in hex) is Pest Control, and event 2 and 4 is related to arming/disarming. There would be an event 8 for "Pest Exterminated", and it should also send a Notification Type 7, Event 8 at the same time which is the Motion Detected alert (also being used by this device for Pest Exterminated probably for compatibility with older hubs that don't recognize type 19).

So, thus far in those log the device has not sent an alert to indicate it has caught something.


IT'S WORKING, IT'S WORKING!!!! I got a notification on my "kill".

So here is the problem: me.
I didn't understand how the mouser works.

When a mouse (or in my case a humid paper towel) gets into the mouser a red LED lights up but no zapping yet. After 3 seconds a very long zap starts, it sure felt like a whole minute, but it may have been less. Then it starts pulse zapping the critter for another period of time and only when this is done the LED starts blinking that there is a kill and notifies the hub with notificationType: 19, event: 8.

I assumed that the notification is sent out when the zapping starts so I turned the mouser off so it never got a chance to send the notification. You know what they say about assuming...

Unfortunately the company, Dome, no longer exists so there is no support and no one to get this information from.

The good thing that came out of it is that now i have more knowledge how to try and debug issues like this in the future.

So far I like the Hubitat a lot and I am happy that I'm migrating away from SmartThings.

Jeff, I appreciate your patience and help. This was very helpful.

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