How to get new iOS 1.2.0 App?

I received an email that the new Hubitat App was out. The photo had a devices tab and nice looking icons. I went to the App Store and it says that I am on the latest with ver 1.1.2. How can I get 1.2.0?

I just checked and its showing 1.2.0 in the app store for me, as of 18hours ago. On my device and on the web. I have been using it for a week or so already though through the beta program, anyone can join.

Weird.... not sure why it doesnt show correctly on mine

It may simply be a timing, replication, or caching issue of the Apple App Store contents.

If you'd like, you can try joining the iOS Mobile App Beta. I have been using the beta releases for a very long time. The latest beta is 1.2.0 (117).

This! I just had the App Store open and while I watched (11:52 AM pdt) it changed to update.


Anyone else not able to update new app? On my phone it showed up as an update this morning, but it will not download. Three other apps also showed this morning and they all updated fine.

I was able to update it without problem last night. I have had issues before, so I uninstall the app and then install the latest version.

Yeah that worked. Not at first though, after I deleted the app it wouldn't let me install it again, until I rebooted the phone.

Never had to do that before.