How to FORCE a Rule Machine Connector to sync using MESH - WORKAROUND FOUND

On the Heating HE I have a Global Variable GUESTMODE.

When GUESTMODE is TRUE then all the Guest rooms thermostats get set to normal living temps and all the sockets, TVs, Echo devices etc get Turned on and the Motion Sensors in the Bedrooms get disabled.

I want to share the Global Variable with the MASTER HUB that manages oversight of HEATING and performs Graphing and Zigbee functions.

I have added a SWITCH connector to the GuestMode and can bee seen in Rule Machine Connectors

But on the MASTER HE Hub no sign of the GUESTMODE.

I have disabled the MESH for Rule Machine Connectors and re-enabled no joy.

I have given it a few hours to synchronise - no joy

As MESH does not appear to support Rule Machine Connectors anyone go any workarounds to get this variable to HE.

I have found a good way to export a variable to Sharptools just need a way to share from Sharptools back to HE.

But I had hoped HE 7 would be compatible with HE 7.

This has been asked about in a couple of other threads. @gopher.ny was looking into it, but never saw where he had a solution.

Found a workaround.

REMOVE ALL Rule Machine Connectors from the MESH - I did both way to be safe.

So HEATING no longer shares Rule Machine Connectors with MASTER and Vice versa

That left orphaned Devices in each other.

Removed the Parent Rule Machine Connector in both Hubs.

(A real Pain because it broken a MASS of Rule that I have to rebuild again in BOTH HUBS , but given how many times I have to delete and re-build Rules in HE I am getting pretty quick at doing them :slight_smile: )

Then rebooted BOTH hubs

Then re-enabled MESH for Rule Machine Connectors on both HEs

Then reciprocated by adding them to the alternate HE Hub.

And Viola the the GuestMode is there in BOTH Hubs now.

Adding a single variable and sharing it between hubs took about three hours work.

I am sure this should be easier.


I thought about this solution as well, but I was afraid it would break my existing rules. Apparently you confirmed this, and I didn't want to deal with that.

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I moved across to HE 24 Dec 2020, we have been in lockdown since.

Today my daughter and her family are all coming - so needed to get GuestMode working.

Given the frequency of these sorts of issues and the amount of times I have to delete everything and redo it again because of stupid bugs I may need to bring in another Home Automation System which is more stable and let it do all the smart stuff and just let HE manage the devices. Because HE is doing a fantastic job managing all the heating zones in the house, never had it this stable.

So as long as I can keep HE focused on specific tasks and leave the more complex stuff for something more mature...

It would be a pain, I have so much hope effort and time invested in HE now I would really like it stabilise and not have to spend so much time redoing things repeatedly until they work.