How to Force a Rule Machine Connector Device to show up in Meshed HE


I can see that the Rule Machine Connectors are shared as Meshed from Master - Heating ME.

All four RMCs are Virtual Switches

The originating HE - Master is showing that RMC's are Meshed

Only one of the 4 RMC children show up on target Meshed HE.

How do I force a the remaining three so they work as well?

Any ideas?

OK it looks like you have to remove the RMC form the MESH, delete RM Connectors, delete the variables, then re-create the variables, rebuild all the Rules that use the Variables, then re-add the Connectors then re-enable the Mesh and add the RMCs to the target system.

Looks like you have to repeat the deletion and re-creation of Variable and a Rules and Mesh each time you add another RMC.

Hopefully this will get streamlined at some point.