How to fix this Error

On my Hubitat Dashboard Logs :

I don't understand these Error, where I can find [42122-197] on line 909, 915 ( dashboardDevice2 ) ?
How to fix ?
Sincere thanks.

Those jdbcSQLExceptions "might" point to database corruption. Did the hub lose power unexpectedly recently?

You may want to try following the Soft Reset Procedure AFTER making sure you have downloaded a copy of the Hub Backup. The Soft Reset is simple and safe to do, as long as you follow the instructions step-by-step and you make sure you have a backup of the hub.

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What is app 33? Dashboard? (You can see if it you click the "app:33" link in the logs here, or it's also part of that app's URL when you view it in the admin UI.)

I've seen two explanation for this type of error. One is database corruption--these aren't typical errors you'll see an app throw. A backup (download locally first!) and soft restore may be enough to cure that.

The second is an app that used a deleted device where the device was deleted without being removed from the app first. I'll assume this app is Hubitat Dashboard. If you had Devices selected on that Dashboard (possibly including the "All Devices" ticker, but that seems special to native apps and I'm not sure how it works) and then deleted that device without removing it from the apps first (as suggested on the "In use by..." section and the popup you see when removing), I've seen a few reports of this happening afterwards. This seems to be new behavior, or at least I don't remember seeing reports of this until recently. I also haven't tested it myself to see if I can reproduce the issue, so I'm just parroting reports others have provided. While it's still a good idea to remove devices from apps before removing them, this is still probably not something that should happen, and I'm sure staff would be interested in tracking down the cause if someone can pinpoint it. The only thing you could probably do at this point to see if it helps is the above (same as for database corruption, but it's not necessarily that magnitude of a problem).


Yes, app:33 is Hubitat Dasboard.
When I delete device :

  • delete this device on Dashboards
  • delete this device on Hubitat Dasboard Apps.
  • Click Update, Click Done.
    This hub , I use as Hub Server with : Ecobee Intergration, Google Home, Hubitat Dasboard, HubConnect, Rebooter app, and Average Temperatures app.
    I will Soft reset this hub now.
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That makes so much sense! I'm seeing this error periodically also. I tried the backup/soft reset, and that fixed the issue only temporarily. But, when I get this error, it's always in RM, either in the parent app or in an app that's been extensively modified. I tend to use a lot of virtual switches, and I've not always been good about deleting them from rules before deleting the switch itself, especially from rules that are on pause.

I know that devices will still show as being part of rules, even when they no longer are, so it makes sense to me that sometimes that goes the other way.

But it shouldn't happen.

Small but clarifying correction; clicking the "app:33" filters for just events from app 33. Clicking the "error" or the log level is the link to the app or device.