How to externally detect liquid level in a container?


Wait a second... is there a hubduino firmware for ESPs?

Wow... just looked it up. There is. Well, that's going to make a few of my projects a little more streamlined.


Yup...Dan (@ogiewon) is truly the man.
I just realized I posted the "before" pic of my tank in the last post. This is the current setup....which I might redo soon.


There's actually a level sense library for the Hubduino Project (if you're thinking of going the ESP8266 route). Drivers and board software are already build and work with HE.


Dan made an ultrasonic driver that captures volume as well. I modified the PS_Ultrasonic.cpp to compensate for an issue with the version 2 of the sensor that needed a longer write time to the transmit pin. I also customized the driver to send level events so I could get a percentage reading as well as the raw distance. Working really well so far.


I talked to hubby some about this, he actually mentioned Arduino and I only thought he had a pi :wink: . But he doesn't think the IR sensor will work because the chlorine and muriatic acid are so caustic, same for anything that actually has to sit in the liquid. But I have given him some food for thought, so thank you to all!


Who only has "a" RPi?! Get him MOARZ!!! LOL

That's the beauty of the ultrasonic distance sensor. It sits above the liquid level and you can even adjust it to a height that's above any outgas vents you want to put in (which I would do regardless). That way, the sensor sits above any of the caustic gasses and should survive for years.


@stephack You really should trim those black zip ties. :wink:


Ha I was thinking the same thing! :joy:


Yes I do. The weight of the whip was causing the pipe with the sensor to shift slightly over time so I needed to easily adjust the position of the whip. Now that it has settled, I really should tighten and cut them.


Please add your updated pics when that is complete.:grinning:


:laughing: I'll wait till I have patched and repainted the wall too so I don't trigger anyone else's OCD. :wink:


Trust me I was really admiring your wiring. Those just stuck out. I was going to add that you could have used grey zip ties as well.