How to exclude/delete a Zwave Device that no longer exists


New to HE

How can I delete a ZWAVE device that I no longer have access to to be able to power up and exclude

Anyway to force a delete?

do you know what version hub you have? C7? I'm assuming since you are "new to HE" that you probably bought the most recent one. If so,

Go to settings, z-wave details, then scroll down the list looking for the device you no longer have access to. If you click refresh a few times eventually you should see a "remove" button there.


PERFECT Thank you!!

Actually solves another issue this is how you do a REPLACE also !!!

This is called a ghost. Make sure you also deleted it from your device list.

@rlithgow1 my bad I introduced two things to together.

Ghost Bad - got rid of it.

While pressing Repair until the option to remove came up I noticed another new option Replace.

ie if a zwave Thermostatic Radiator Valve died - I could 'Replace' it with a new one and all the Rules and device definitions would continue without a break or having to re-define everything from scratch again

Even if the rule breaks, you don’t have to worry, simply go into the rule and pick the new device and save. 6 and 1/2 dozen... My take anyway

Es ?

The TRVS will be in multiple Rules/Apps and Dashboards.

Can the Es take care of all of those too?

Fixed, callus’ on my fingers sometimes (well a lot mistype)