How to enable zwave logging?

How to enable zwave logging.

I have 99 zwave devices, that all appear to be functioning.

And the current zwave logging after 30 mins is

Is there somewhere I can turn on logging?

This hub gets rebooted a couple times a day, usually after it becomes locked up and unresponsive, and I am hoping that with logging enabled I may be able to determine why it is crashing.

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What hub version do you have and what firmware version are you running?

I found regular device Zwave communication activy under regular logs.

The very latest.


Normally I would expect to be able to monitor the zwave ‘chatter’ that is underway between hub and device.

I know the zwave is working because things are turning on and off.

I’ll try another reboot, at this rate will need to reboot hub several times a day.

I’ll create a Rule on the other HE that will include a power off hub as well.

A full hard reboot, ie unplugged after orderly shutdown, left for 15 seconds, then restore power.

No joy zwave log still not enabled :slight_smile:

Not complaining, just trying to work out if it supposed to show anything or if there is a config option that needs completing for it to work.

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I rarely see logging in there, so I would worry about it. If your trying to find a issue device it's best to look at the standard log page. Then select device or app stats.

you really shouldn't have to or be doing this.

Same here. The zwave logging simply doesn't work reliably / work the way end users think it should. No amount of rebooting is going to make it work correctly long term.

As I said in the beta testing, I think Hubitat should remove/hide it altogether as it simply doesn't work - and as you see, causes confusion.



Check Zwave Logging not working - I am pretty sure I had seen it working before nut never mind not an issue

If not working disable until it is ?

When I have run into issues over the last 2 months I have been told a reboot fixes it - so do that as a matter of course now :slight_smile:

Reflex action.

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That’s true in a general sense (like many devices/OSes), and you might be referring to some threads that are mostly now out of date re: recurrent system slowdowns/freezes being mitigated by ad-hoc or even scheduled hub reboots.

Platform updates in the last year+ seem to have made a big difference for most people that were active in those threads.

But no matter what the underlying cause, if your hub is doing something that requires you to reboot multiple times a day in response, then I’d encourage you to work directly with support so you can drill down to the details that might actually help with the root of the problem.

As others have pointed out, the z-wave logs, for example, won’t be of much use, even if there’s a z-wave issue that’s contributing to your problem.

If you haven’t opened a ticket yet, emailing will get one started.


Will do once I have some idea of what I am reporting.

At the moment all I have is an HE Hub that you can't log into or more to the point is unreachable using a browser.

I am trying to get some clue.

The hub I am having issues with is very limited in tasking - just zwave, no zigbee.

Connects to two Hue Hubs to get Temp readings from the Hue Motion Sensors and it is Meshed to the other HE which is doing all the graphing and heavy lifting for Rules etc.

Hence the dumper dive into logging - to work out what may be causing issues.

Understood, they can help with what to look for, and just as importantly what not to do.

“Hard” resets of the hub sometimes get mentioned in the community, just as one example, and as it turns out, doing so is basically not ever necessary, and even hinders further efforts by customer support to look back at logs that might clue into the real issue.

It became a widespread enough problem that they ended up hiding the hard reset process in newer versions of the hub diagnostic tool.

Ok good idea

I have gone through the HE hub and removed everything not critical to ,amazing the heating.

If I get another crash / lock up then I’ll reach out to support.

If you're truly looking to see the raw/native Z-Wave traffic, you will probably need some sort of third party device to monitor and report the Z-Wave traffic (USB Stick type thing).

The Z-Wave logs on the Hubitat occasionally show SOME information--but it's certainly not anywhere near what one might expect (e.g., they don't show anywhere near all the traffic). I really wish they did--as that would help with some problem diagnoses (you could at least see what the Hub thought it saw and when; and what it thought it sent and when).

I'm not sure how they decided what to log--but it seems pretty consistent and minimal. Thus, I wouldn't expect there's anything you can do (in terms of documented features) to expand that.